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Marcus and Nicole van Winden are delighted to present their newest project: Dam Good Food! Their goal is to provide authentic and thoughtfully made Dutch eats and treats that you can enjoy whenever your heart desires at home!

Marcus was born and raised in Holland where he attended an elite culinary school under European Master Chefs and worked at some of the country’s finest Michelin Star restaurants. After several years he felt the urge to wander and set sail on Holland America Cruise Line as the Fine Dining Chef.

After attending the University of Arizona, Nicole also felt the call of the wide open ocean and spent several years on Norwegian Cruise Line before taking on the role of Assistant Cruise Director on Holland America Cruise Line.

So the Chef from Holland met the Wildcat from Arizona and, as they say, the rest is history. They got married and had kids and after several years Marcus and Nicole found a great space next to the University of Arizona and named it The Dutch Eatery & Refuge. Here they showcased some of their favorite Dutch items. Based on popular demand, they are now offering some of these same great options to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!  


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This Is How We Do It



Chef Marcus van Winden sources the finest ingredients and spends months testing out recipes on his favorite guinea pigs - the local Tucson NL Borrel group - before launching a new product.  We all know that Dutch people are honest by default, so you can be sure everything you are buying has been Dutch-tasted and approved! 

Interested in becoming a guinea pig yourself?  The NL Borrel group meets once a month at The Dutch Eatery & Refuge.  Click to learn more!


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